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Sun Tan City Reviews

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    I have heard many thing in the four years I have lived in north Louisiana about tanning and SUNTAN CITY would have to be one of the worst places on earth ! They charge up the Ass for services the beds are OLD AS FUCK! THEY DONT SEEM TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES!! ALWAYS PUSH FOR SELLS BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THEY WORK ON POOR COMMISSIONS.... AFTER DIGGING INTO THE SALON CHAIN IN LOUISIANA I FOUND THAT THE OWNER IS ALWAYS LATE ON REPORTING TO THE STATE ON TAXES..... ALso most of their employees are NOT CERTIFIED !!! Which is illegal in the state of Louisiana !!!! PLEASE SHUT THIS FUCKER... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Fraud!

    Went to STC off and on for years. Went last week and switched my payment to come out from checking. They w/d $69.29 instead of my monthly $27.49. I was on hold with customer service listening to the same tune for an hour. So I went online to "chat live" and no one who works there is apparently "alive".... TIffany H joined my chat, asked for my personal info and 27 mins later never came back. Im done! DO NOT GO HERE!!!! More...
    (Spa Services)
    salsa973's Picture   salsa973    0 Comments   Comments
  • SUNTAN CITY IS A FRAUD! One month Tanning

    When I spoke with salesperson and explained to her ..I only need three weeks of tanning for my daughter's wedding in May...(by the way) this was for my teenager. She said, no problem I will pro-rate the difference and will be you the following month. And keep in mind she never said I had to come back and cancel membership. She said, it will activate after month ..if she decides to come back. ALL LIES....APPARENTLY THEY'VE BEEN BILLING MY ACCOUNT FOR THREE MONTHS...AND SHE DID NOT USE THOSE SERVICES! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE! AND THEY WILL REFUSE TO REFUND ME...I DO NOT... More...
    (Spa Services)
    ANNAPATE's Picture   ANNAPATE    0 Comments   Comments
  • Thieves

    I purchased the spray tan package. You get two a month for a monthly fee. I did not use two a month because it was winter time. I have built up 14 visits and I needed to freeze my account. Thinking I could use some of those visits since they had built up. There is no way I can use 14 in a month. I was informed by customer service that I can't use them while my account is frozen and if I unfreeze it 2 more will be added. I can't share them with my daughters and if I cancel I lose all of them that I had already paid for. What a rip off. It is a product that I purchased and have... More...
    Rangersgrl's Picture   Rangersgrl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tanning

    I absolutely love tanning, but this place screwed my fiance and I over big time. Signed up middle of June, the lady said we would be prorated through the end of July. Not the truth! We payed over $60 for each of us for the month of July and they charged over $50 for less than 2 weeks of June. Total bullshit. More...
    byrum95's Picture   byrum95    0 Comments   Comments
  • Untrustworthy, Greedy Bastards

    I purchased a two month membership in April and paid for both April and May. At that time I was in college and sun tan city was the only place to go to. In the past my bills have been due when I walked in the door cause I always paid with cash and I told them I only want to pay in cash, not have it taken out of my account. Now that I'm back home for the summer there are no sun tan city stores in my area so I knew I wouldn't need the membership anymore. So June 1st came along and I noticed that around $40 was taken out of my account even AFTER I said I wanted to pay cash only when... More...
    Saraheulgen's Picture   Saraheulgen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lies from Sun Tan City

    Was told I could freeze my account for a 9.99 membership and when I went to go freeze it for the summer they told me I couldn't do that! Worst communication and customer service skills from the manager at the Grand Rapids Celebration North location! Unbelievable! What ever happen to the customer is always right! So wrong that they never communicated that with me. Go somewhere else, give your business to a mom and pop salon than them. More...
    (Spa Services)
    Samcstevens's Picture   Samcstevens    0 Comments   Comments
  • WORST customer service

    Sun Tan city has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When I first purchased my membership and a lotion at the Lawrence, KS location I used my debit card to make the purchase. When I went in the next day to tan I was told that the transaction didn't go through and that I needed to pay for it again. I used a different card from a different account. In looking at my bank statements in the next couple of days I realized that both transactions went through and I was charged twice. I took my bank statements into the store and spoke to a manager and she called customer... More...
    ashlyn201488's Picture   ashlyn201488    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Sanitation and Client Services

    I have been a Client with SunTan City since 2004 and was former employee for almost a year. I have to say that the Lawrenceburg Salon is the worst SunTan City Salon I have ever been to and I have visited several salons throughout the state of Kentucky. I am astounded at the lack of concern for sanitation as well as Customer Service. In the past year they have gone through 3 Salon Directors, 2 Assistant Salon Director, and over a dozen Tanning Consultants. The faciity is unbelievably filthy. Beds are not being properly sanitized, the top acrylic and top caps are always covered in... More...
    (Spa Services)
    bretta86's Picture   bretta86    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sun Tan City treats there customers horribly

    In July of this year I had to cancel my membership at Suntan City due to receiving treatments for my skin. I went into the local Suntan City in London, KY and told them my circumstances and they assured me that was fine and they would cancel my membership. In August, 2013 my bank was deducted for July and August's membership fee's, so I then called the Suntan City to see what was going on. They then told me that I could not cancel my membership nor would they refund me my money with a note from my doctor stating that I could not use there services. I then had my dermatologist fax... More...
    sadams88's Picture   sadams88    0 Comments   Comments

    After being treated very rudely by the employee at the Cary, NC location, I called the corporate office on September 4, 2013. I had pre-paid a year and asked for a refund. I was told I would receive my refund in 7-10 days. I was asked for my debit card number and was told it would be deposited back into my account. I waited VERY patiently for 19 days then called again. I was told that there wasn't a supervisor available and left a message. No return call so I called back the next day and finally got to speak to a supervisor. She gave me her word that the money would be in my... More...
    crmedbery's Picture   crmedbery    1 Comments   Comments
  • Thieves and Horrible Customer Service

    After being told I could freeze my account and $5.00 being deducted from my checking account each month it never happened and for 3 months they took over $70.00 per month. I was told I would be credited the full amount of the 3 months, but the thieves at their corporate office said they couldn't find any justification and had no record of my "freeze request. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware I was supposed to be given any paperwork when I requested the freeze and was only given a receipt when I made the initial payment. When I spoke to the guy in the Hermitage, TN Sun Tan City on... More...
    (Spa Services)
  • I just want my money back...

    I cancelled my membership in October. I signed the cancellation agreement and went on my merry way, not making a copy of the document because I never thought that would be necessary. They "lost" the agreement and I was unknowingly charged over $100 in monthly tanning packages that I never used. I have been calling customer service for months and they continuously say that they will refund my account but they STILL NEVER HAVE. What is the problem!? You lost my contract, I never laid in a bed once, and you still can't give me back any credit. Jesus Christ, people.. This is what... More...
  • Poor costumer service and billing

    I canceled my membership in February. They still billed me for March when I called for refund they told me they had nothing on me for my account and to dispute the charge I would have to fax my bank statement . In this world I was absolutely not going to do that! After calling for the fifth time someone realized they put the wrong DOB on my account and said to still send in the bank info! I stated if you can handle my DOB why would I do that. What horrible costumer service I will never go back! Hopefully I will not be billed next month and get refunded. I would think twice before giving... More...
    Ajackson87's Picture   Ajackson87    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent Fees ?

    I wanted to cancel my membership to Sun Tan City because I was no longer tanning for a vacation. The employee very politely asked me if I wanted to just put a hold on my account instead...figuring that there must not be a difference (because I wasn't told otherwise) I agreed. It has taken me three months to figure out that the company has still been charging me monthly hold memberships of $5.30 because the transaction shows up as STC Management. I can't help but feel like this is fraud. More...
    STCManagement's Picture   STCManagement    3 Comments   Comments
  • unsanitary

    I used Sun Tan city at the Falls of the Neuse Location in Raleigh, NC. The spray tan booth had not been cleaned and the soles of my feet were bronzed and the liquid on the floor splattered onto my feet and I looked as though I had the measles. The sanitary hand wipes had not been serviced and they had none and when I tried to look inthe container the 2 inches of liquid spilled on me and the wall. I tried to tell the staff but they would not even look me in the eye. I hope corporate has someone reading these reviews as that place is unsanitary and potentially dangerous. The Greensboro... More...
    pcundiff's Picture   pcundiff    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sun Tan City delay in refunding money

    On the 2nd of May,2012 my bank contacted me saying my account has been overdrawn by a membership fee to sun tan city. The last time I used Sun Tan City's services was 2006. When I contacted the accounting department, they needed my bank statement so that they could refund the money. Next they needed my card that was connected to my bank account. I have spoken to 3 people there so far, and no resolution. It is the18th of may and my account is still over drawn. This was clearly some error on their part. For a company to take out funds 6 years after last use, there is a serious security... More...
    (Spa Services)
    mtaylor's Picture   mtaylor    1 Comments   Comments
  • what tan?

    I went to Suntan City in Louisville, KY for a quick spray tan before vacation.I have had a spray tan at Suntan city before and was horribly dissappointed so I had not been back in a couple years (the tan was barely noticable..I had a medium level as well as the hydrating spray).I normally do airbrush tan, but because I was pressed for time, I decided to give suntan city another go.TOTAL WASTE of my money.I prepped my skin by using a clarisonic body brush with exfoliating scrub and also put in the primer they give you for spray tans. I chose the deep in hopes that I may actually get a... More...
    (Spa Services)
    mjbonf's Picture   mjbonf    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad attitude employees

    I have usually had a decent experience at Sun Tan City until recently. They were having free tan week and usually I do the spray tan but I wanted to get in a different bed for this event. The lady basically rolled her eyes at me when I said that i wanted to do the "free tan week" thing. I don't have enough room to go into detail. I don't have the room to tell everything. I emailed the company and they never even got got back to me. No wonder they are losing business!!!!! More...
    impbusiness's Picture   impbusiness    0 Comments   Comments


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